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now available for use in the keurig k-cup brewer. always good to the last drop. two things. the old school mr. smith style talking filibuster, ron paul at 7:55 a.m., talking about drones, that is still going on in the senate. i believe that is baroso, and if i identified him right, i deserve a medal. i have to bring you another
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story tomorrow, which is my bad. having just watched his show, i can tell you he's just as ignorant tonight as last night when talking about spending cuts. however, republicans are just as ignorant as bill owe -- owe -- oreilly. >> this is bull crap. it's jack what you're saying. >> we have two parties fire reason. just do what you're supposed to do. >> president obama goes on a charm offensive. >> going around public leadership. >> to hammer out a long-term budget deal.
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>> i wish he had done more of that over the years. >> where this goes, i don't know. >> is a grand bargain insight again. >> he's willing to work with republicans or is it a caucus of common sense in the next days and weeks? >> he's got lindsey grahams digits. >> the president asked that i get together a group. >> 11 public senators. >> i was honored. >> you know lindsey graham is ready. >> in the coming days and weerks i'm going to continue reaching out. >> he's absolutely determined to get something done. >> the gop has been tagged the party of no. >> now you have speaker boehner saying -- >> the president got his tax hikes. he got his tax hikes. the president got his tax hikes. >> there is still incentive among a lot of republicans to not cooperate with this president. >> all they really need is a hug and a lunch. >> i wish he had done more of that over the years. >> president obama is not their mom. >> where this goes, i don't
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know. >> there is a caucus of common sense in the coming days and coming weeks. i'm going to keep on reaching out. >> i've been relatively fair to barack obama. >> he doesn't do anything. >> it's jack what you're saying. >> he's not trying to solve the fiscal cliff. now i'm really angry. president obama has just finished a working dinner with 12 republican senators, the start of an outreach campaign that will include visits with the full republican caucuses in both the house and the senate. the two and a half hour dinner was held in a private room in the jefferson hotel in washington. on the menu for discussion tonight were fiscal issues, immigration reform and gun control. earlier today a senior administration official told nbc news that the president believes a number of rank and file republicans are not clear about his willingness to compromise. no kidding. including on the issues of
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chained cpi and means testing for medicare. and the president planned to make that explicit tonight. you know, for those republicans who might not have been listening when the president said it explicitly on national television. >> david, as you know, one of the proposals we made is something called chained cpi. >> or when he said it explicitly in the capitol in his state of the union address. >> we'll reduce taxpayer subsidies to prescription drug companies and ask more from the wealthiest seniors. >> republican lindsey graham offered this explanation this afternoon about how this dinner got scheduled. >> the president called senator mccain and myself a couple weeks ago. and senator mccain was his opponent, as you all know, in 2008. i see the president reaching out. i'm assuming the president wants to talk seriously about the issues of the day. and if he just wants to have a dinner so we can get to know each other, that's fine with me.
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so how do you say no to the president of the united states who would like to have dinner with some of your colleagues? you don't. and anybody who would do that in this business is in the wrong position. so when the president asked that i get together a group, i willingly, and i was honored, to try to do that. >> joining me now is emelika henderson who was part of the press pool covering the dinner at the jefferson hotel. what did you have access to? did they let you peek in the room and see what the seating arrangement was? >> not quite. we were camped outside in the bitter cold. thank goodness it did not snow today. we were across the street and we were actually very doubtful that the senators would come out and talk to us. usually that happens after a white house meeting, but we thought they would just speed away and we would get sort of identical press speeches from each of their press secretaries.
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but they did chat. you saw john mccain. he came out and talked about the meeting very briefly. he said it was a fine meeting, he expected more meetings. you had mike yohanz out of they be -- nebraska saying he felt more optimistic. he also said he was not in the election, everybody has to have skin in the game if a grand bargain is to be reached. this was a meeting described to me as wide ranging but primarily focused on these fiscal issues around medicare, around chained cpi, around what the president is actually willing to do to reach a grand bargain. a lot of the folks, or at least two or three of the folks that were in that meeting, were actually part of the senate discussions in 2011 around a grand bargain, and they had reached a grand bargain agreement that was in many ways grander than what was almost reached in the house. so i think those sorts of people, like sassy chambliss, like michael yohan up for reelection could be part of this
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congress we hear so often out of the white house. >> senator lindsey graham, senator john mccain, senator crambliss, senator tom co burn, senator richard burr, senator pat toomey, senator bob corker, senator ron johnson. i want to bring in richard wolf and crystal ball into this discussion. no senator who has a high-ranking position on one of the important spending committees. this is a very, very unusual assembly. >> it is, and obviously he feels like he's tried that route, he's tried working with the leadership, and just because he can get buy-in from the leadership doesn't mean he can get the rest of the caucus to go along. this is an opportunity, a chance to maybe try and kindle some good will to the caucus in the senate.
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the extent that there is an opening here for a grand bargain, you have to say that actually the sequester worked in a way by creating an incentive for both sides. there are things that neither side likes in the sequester, to try to work something out. republicans john mccain and lindsey graham have been very vocal about being uncomfortable with the defense cuts that are part of this sequester and wanting to do something about that. and democrats, of course, uncomfortable with the size of the cuts in general. so i think to the extent that there is an opening here, you have to say the sequester worked in a way as it was intended. >> richard wolf, it sounds like, when you listen to lindsey graham, that this dinner was maybe weeks in the making. he said he got called a couple weeks ago. then it seemed as though it was left to him to recruit some willing republicans, and within the republican party these days, there can be a certain price to be paid, apparently, if you look too friendly with president obama as these guys may have looked tonight and senator iao.
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>> maybe you had those worries by senator graham about looking unfriendly. you don't want to turn down the petition invitation. >> as they have many times before. >> but this was an invitation not to come to the white house. they were meeting in neutral territory which in this time of austerity was, appropriately enough, a luxury hotel. we do know the president paid out of his own pocket, you know, because obviously the sequester has affected the funds he can draw on for this kind of affair. but there is a lot of theater here. we know that the republicans are fully aware of what the president has put out there. i know that we're supposed to celebrate this moment when they can all come together and have a good chat and share some dinner together, but honestly, the contours of this are out there already. do you think it's noteworthy the
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senate leadership wasn't there, because the only way to force house republicans to make a deal is with mich mcconnell at the table as well. are you going to bounce mich mcconnell and then bounce him into bouncing john boehner? i think that's a stretch. >> is there any word about how they feel about this meeting, because in normal times, the leadership of either party hates to see members dealing directly with the president. >> well, you know, i bet mich mcconnell is breathing a sigh of relief that he didn't get an invitation, one he would have to turn down. he said very steadfastly that he didn't want to negotiate with the president, didn't want to negotiate with biden over the sequester and he might even face something of a primary challenge from his right in kentucky. next week there will be meetings. the president will meet with the house, with the senate, with those leaders there and the rank in file.
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so i don't think the leaders of either of these, the house or the senate on the republican side, are necessarily going to lose any sleep. but the rank and file members are meeting with the president. they described this as a first step, as breaking the ice. this hasn't been a good relationship the president has had with the republicans for obvious rinz. his fault some, their fault, too. i am optimistic. they were certainly optimistic coming out of there. these are the types of people that have been talking about the issues that are going to be important to this president, whether it's immigration, whether it's gun control. you have somebody like tom co burn who is trying to broker a deal on gun control, lindsey graham. he is going to have to have a relationship of trust with these
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guys if he is going to get anything done for his final term. >> i want to read some of the comments of the senators coming out of the dinner tonight where nia and other reporters. these are spontaneous comments they gave to you and others. john coburn said, i am more optimistic from a legal standpoint. i do think there is a real fatigue in just going from crisis to crisis, but tonight was a good first step, a good step. you had john mccain saying, all i can say is we had an evening that i really appreciated very much. you had pat toomey saying, we had a wide ranging discussion about fiscal and other issues. i think it was a constructive discussion. krystal ball, those comments strike me as the most positive the president could have hoped for coming out of a discussion like that. >> i absolutely agree, and markedly different than what
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we've heard from republicans over the past several years. if you think about where they are, i mean, for the president, he wants to get past these budget crises and get on with the rest of his agenda. he has a lot of items that he wants to accomplish in the next four years and a short amount of time to do it. republicans are also leery of focusing their message on what they want to cut. eric cantor and others have said they don't want to be the party of no, they don't want to be the party of austerity, they also want another message. listening to those notes of warmth between the two sides, i have to say like nia-malika, i am cautiously optimistic. >> i want to go back to who paid for this lunch. there are problems for everybody above. our nbc news report says, as for who paid for dinner, several senators said they had no idea. the problem there is the senate ethics rules that do not allow anyone to pay for their dinners if it's more than $25, and at
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that place, richard, you know it was. >> oh, my goodness, yes. >> if the president paid for dinner, as it indicates he probably did, there may be another problem there. the exception to this $25 rule is very simple. the exception is the old friend rule. you can pay if it was an old friend who paid. it's normally defined as someone you were very friendly with before you became a senator, and unfortunately, the president never met any of these people before that. i think we can wait for the senate ethics committee investigation as to exactly what the propriety of this was. >> i expect future nominations to be strongly blocked by republicans until we see the token moments. >> thank you all for joining me tonight. >> thank you. >> thanks, lawrence. coming up, in the rewrite tonight, bill o' reilly's tools for management. plus, they've invited donald trump and other big names to
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talk next week, making them wonder what cpak is really up to. wait until they find out that cpak actually invited me to speak, too. seriously, not kidding. that's coming up. want younger looking eyes that say wow?
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i'm sorry i said alan was lying. i should not have used that word. >> that was bill o'reilly at the beginning of his show just a couple hours before. bill o'reilly's whole show tonight -- almost his whole show tonight -- was about his show last night and his on-air meltdown with alex combs. it has lended him once again in tonight's rewrite which happened to be the perfect opportunity to show you the absolutely greatest rage explosion in tv anchor
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history. it is vintage o'reilly video that you just will never, ever get tired of seeing. that's coming up. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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you name it...i've hooked it. but there's one... one that's always eluded me. thought i had it in the blizzard of '93. ha! never even came close. sometimes, i actually think it's mocking me. [ engine revs ] what?! quattro!!!!! ♪ republicans are at war with themselves over who is in and who is out of next week's conservative political action conference. the list of speakers includes mitt romney, jeb bush, ron paul, wayne la pierre and america's biggest loseer, donald trump.
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cpac actually tried to add my name to that list, graciously asking me to appear, but my flexible is not as clear as the unemployed mitt romney, donald trump, so i had to turn it down. cpac invited me to a big moment in their conference where they wanted me to do a one on one debate with ann coulter, something i have done before and something i would absolutely do again for a good cause. the last time i debated with ann coulter at george washington university, i raised $18,000 for the kind fund kids in need of desks. this time we tried, we really did, but we couldn't adjust my schedule to join the fun at cpac. so as i've told them, maybe next year. if it will work out in the schedule, i will happily go and do that.
10:22 pm
cpac's invitation to donald trump led michelle malkin to tweet, cpac is dead. and the conservative editors of the washington examiner who are actually co-sponsoring the event write, cpac flouts conservatism's rich intellectual tradition by inviting such a trans parent crackpot, a celebrity huckster with no history as a conservative and no knowledge of conservatism. virginia governor bob mcdonald as well as the most popular governor in the country, governor chris christie. that promoted one of the cpac's scheduled speakers to say this. >> i don't know what the purpose of cpac is anymore. i don't know how they define who
10:23 pm
gets to come in and who doesn't get to come in. my sense is that the board is not very open and not very clear about whether it's personality decisions or what they're thinking. you can say, well, chris christie is invited for x, but you can also look at his record on controlling spending and reform, new jersey government and say, he has a story to tell that's pretty interesting, and for a northeastern governor in a heavily unionized state is pretty courageous. >> joining me now is karen finney and jonathan k. part. it broke my heart not to be able to go to the cpac. i've never been to this thing and i know i was going to hear some lood boos and that kound of thing, but the chance to let them hear something that's actually true. in fact, it might be the only opportunity, me going there, that might be the only chance for them to hear something true this year. >> that is what breaks my heart, because i think you would have introduced two key concepts, science and math.
10:24 pm
that would have just blown them all away and i'm so sorry that we won't have the opportunity to see that happen this time. >> well, i don't know if i would have been heard over the booing, i don't know. i was assured, actually, a certain level of politeness, and i actually think, jonathan, they do have -- included in everything they're doing, and this may be part of the misstep they've done in trump's direction, there is always a certain kind of spirit of fun at this thing. there are certain things they're doing at cpac that really are just for the fun. and i had the sense that that was kind of my role if i had shown up. but trump might be just at this time something that, as michelle malkin says, makes them seem absolutely completely out of step. >> so they're having fun by inviting donald trump and also
10:25 pm
inviting mitt romney, the guy that no one liked last time they had cpac. >> that's amazing. >> inviting back sarah palin, inviting alan west, the sort of roguescalary of conservatism, when, as you point out, the two republicans who should be invited, chris christie and bob mcdonald, governor mcdonald of virginia, aren't there. it sort of cements in my mind the difference between, say, the conservative political action conference, cpac, and the republican party. cpac is a wing of the republican party. they want purists, they want people who adhere strictly to conservative values, and it's tearing apart the republican party which, as a major national party, is supposed to be about governing. and as we have seen since the 2010 election, the republican party has gotten a long way away
10:26 pm
from its responsibilities to help govern this country. >> karen, as conservative critics of cpac are now pointing out this week, the "washington post" said, look, this is a time when conservatism has to expand. you do not expand by first excluding people. >> that's exactly right, but part of the problem for the republican party to jonathan's point that we're going to see on display at cpac, we're going to hear a lot, i think, of what they're against. a lot of that is going to be about president obama and the policies of this administration. but we're not going to hear new ideas being put forward in terms of what they're for. and that is a big part of the problem the republican party has right now. they're very good at saying no, they're very good at obstructing the president, they're very good at criticizing the president. maybe tonight's dinner is a turning point -- we'll see -- but at some point if you're going to be a governing party, if you're going to be a national party, if you're going to learn how to be a big tent party, you have to invite people with different ideas but from the
10:27 pm
same idealogy into the conversation, but you also have to put forward some new ideas, and at this point they really have not been able to do that other than to say no. >> jonathan, so far on the list of speakers, it seems to me like the person to watch is newt gingrich. here he is publicly saying, i don't know what cpac stands for anymore. he knows they're going to hear him say that, so he seems to be the only one who might get up there on that stage and say some things that make the room uncomfortable which a room full of losers should be after a presidential election. >> well, remember, newt gingrich doesn't have a whole lot to do right around now, either. i wonder if he has the courage to say to those people in that room the very things that clip you just played. is he willing to stand there and say, you know, i don't know what you guys stand for. i don't know why we're here. i think he will tell them things that he believes they want to
10:28 pm
hear. >> hold on, hold on, you're giving him way too much credit. newt gingrich will say whatever it is he thinks will get him more headlines and more air time. it has nothing to do with having courage. >> but he's going to earn those headlines not attacking cpac but by attacking the president and liberals and progressives and whoever else is not in that room. >> so karen, do you see anyone on the list who might say anything worth being said in that room? >> well, let's see, there's got to be, what, like an announcer who opens the program and somebody who closes the program. i would say those will be true words and probably, you know, those who say thank you and goodbye. that will be probably the most valuable. no, i mean, look, i think we're going to hear -- again, i think we're going to hear a lot of right wing rhetoric. i think one of the best things, frankly, for chris christie is that he wasn't invited. i think this is playing very
10:29 pm
well for him in his 2016 prospects, and i think we're going to hear more of that far right wing rhetoric which is one of the reasons things aren't getting done in this town. >> maybe a year from now, we'll be discussing what i did in cpac if i can get myself invited again and work it into the schedule. karen finney, thank you for joining me. >> thank you. >> today arkansas passed the most restrictive abortion law in the country. and later, we'll see if rand paul is still standing on the senator floor demanding that the obama administration do something that it has already done. that's coming up. if you think most hybrids are a bit under sized then this will be a nice surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has more passenger volume than competitor prius v
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bill o'reilly has anger issues and he knows it. in the rewrite, we will show you video of o'reilly showing how he manages his anger, and then we have a lot more video of o'reilly failing to manage his anger, including vintage o'reilly where he hits the absolute high point, the most extreme version of anchorman anger in history. and he does something i think is absolutely brilliant in that particular video, and i will explain what that is later. the o'reilly method of anger management is coming up. total effects user kim scott still looks amazing. but with kids growing up fast, fighting seven signs of aging gets harder. introducing total effects moisturizer plus serum. for the ninety-two practices, two proms,
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poured over rice! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right. in the spotlight tonight, banning abortion. they want the state to have the most restrictive abortion ban today. the house voted today 33-62 to override the veto on the law known as the arkansas human heartbeat protection act. the state senate voted to override the governor's veto tuesday. the law bans abortions after 12 weeks if a fetal heartbeat is detected, but it includes
10:37 pm
exemptions for rape, incest and if the mother's life is at risk ask disorders that would cause the baby to die soon after birth. the law is scheduled to take effect this summer. house republican co-sponsors of the bill were seen in the hallways today giving each other pats on the back after this victory. they had this to say. >> the eyes of this nation has been on the arkansas house of representatives today. the eyes of this nation has seen that people are ready for a change. >> we're not eliminating choice at all. we're just saying after 12 weeks, the choice is over. >> planned parent hood cecile richard issued this statement. we are deeply disappointed that the arkansas legislature voted to impose the most restrictive ban on safe and legal abortion
10:38 pm
in the country. the majority of arkansasans and the majority of americans don't want politicians involved in a woman's personal medical decisions about her pregnancy. governor beebe rightfully vetoed this legislation and the legislature would have been wise to let the veto stand. tonight the aclu tells politico it will partner for the center of reproductive rights to challenge the new law. joining me now is ian carmone, staffwriter for dot-com, and martha, a woman who works for women's rights. martha, it is in clear violation of roe versus wade, a clear constitution of the land, and here you have a legislature that is voting its state, as the governor told them, into an expensive legal process that as the law stands today is going to cost them a lot of money and
10:39 pm
they're going to lose. >> well, yes, they are going to lose. but i think what's important to note here is this is part of an ongoing trend and this is the most extreme end we've seen be successful up to this point so far. i mean, last year 43 bills passed in houses and states all over the country. you know, 19 states passed laws. this was a record year that was surpassed only by the previous year. 2011 was the big record year for anti-choice legislation. this is the most extreme law we've seen. it's the most restrictive. but let's face it, women's reproductive lives are the most heavily legislated area of medicine in the united states today. so we shouldn't be surprised that these moves are being made.
10:40 pm
we shouldn't be surprised that they're trying to gain ground. what we need to do is remain vigilant and be grateful that people for the center of reproductive rights and aclu are fighting them. >> erin, the u.s. federal judge struck down just today an idaho law which bans most abortions after 20 weeks, one which allowed even more than this one does. what do these legislators think the federal judges are going to do when these cases come to them? >> lawrence, we have a national trend which is a race to the bottom in legislatures around the country. arkansas is really interesting because it's republican controlled for the first time since its reconstruction. what do they do the moment they get in, they race to ban an abortion ban. they are setting bait with the hope they will be able to get the case that will challenge roe v. wade at the supreme court. what's interesting is the heartbeat bill, when it was proposed in ohio, the majority
10:41 pm
leader wouldn't even bring it to a vote because he said romney lost. meaning, it will get laughed out of court, it will get laughed out of lower federal courts, it will get laughed out of supreme court. that may not be true in the future. obama has had a really hard time getting his federal judges appointed. we don't know what's going to happen after president obama, so we're looking at a very dogged strategy, and their hope is to abandon abortion for every woman in the state. >> and roe versus wade allows for abortions up to 22-24 weeks, so when they cut this down to 12 as they're trying to do in arkansas, that actually will affect about 20% of the abortions in arkansas. about 80% of them are performed before 12 weeks, so they're out of this problem area, martha. but that's a significant
10:42 pm
incursion into women's rights when they're getting in there and saying the abortion decisions women have made in this state, we're not going to allow them to make them anymore. >> i think arkansas state creamer said it best when she said each 12-week fetus is a full person with all rights and has the right to be protected, and i quote, even from its own mother. and i think we're talking about a very dangerous kind of idealogical strain of thinking here that essentially says that once a woman becomes pregnant, she somehow relinquishes her constitutional rights. she is no longer a fully protected citizen of these united states and she is now subjugated to the life or potential life she may be carrying. when people voted to veto this government's decision in
10:43 pm
arkansas today aren't realizing is you can't restrict access to an essential health care service and somehow magically make the need for that service disappear. this is not going to end abortion before 13 weeks or 12 weeks in arkansas, which is when the majority of abortions do take place in arkansas, before 13 weeks. this is simply going to drive it underground, make it more dangerous, and risk women's health. and it's going to compromise their relationships with their doctors, it's going to compromise their relationship with their government. and, you know, goodness knows what it's going to do to doctors who decide they don't want to observe this ban. this is really -- this is about controlling women's decisions on a state level, and that is fully and wholly inappropriate. it is not the state's role to decide when or if a woman has a child. the end.
10:44 pm
>> martha plimpton and erin carmone, thank you both for joining me tonight. >> thank you, lawrence. >> thank you. coming up, the ramblings of rand paul and the political history of bill o'reilly's rantings. ♪ vo:wiplus wireless speaker,rhead bold is the proud sponsor of singing in the shower.
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10:49 pm
>> that's tomorrow and that is it. >> again. 5, 4, 3. >> that's tomorrow, and that is it for us today. and we will leave you with a -- i can't do it. >> those of you who have seen that video know that this is just the warm-up for the explosion that is about to come. o'reilly once referred to it as a state of displeasure. >> right away there is a tape floating around on the internet of me in a state of displeasure, i understand. apparently the tape is 20 years old, but i, your humble correspondent, have plenty of much newer stuff. >> he certainly does have much newer stuff as viewers of this program and his program saw last night. >> hold it, because now i'm getting teed off at you. give me one damn program he said he has cut.
10:50 pm
>> he has cut entitlements. >> not entitlements, programs. you're lying. >> don't sit here and call me a liar. >> you don't like what he's doing, but don't sit there and call me a liar. >> i am. >> we can have a disagreement without you calling me a liar. >> you are lying. >> there is a difference between having a disagreement and calling me a liar. this is a personal attack. >> this is why i'm calling you a liar. give me one program he said he would cut. >> he would cut medicare and medicaid. >> that's not a specific program. >> you asked me for programs, those are programs. >> far be it for me to object calling someone a liar on tv. i've done it and i've done it in anger. but only when the person was actually lying. poor alan combs was simply telling the truth. president obama has proposed cuts in medicare, president
10:51 pm
obama has proposed cuts in social security, and yes, medicare is a government program. but for some reason, bill o'reilly doesn't seem to think it is. now, what is most surprising about bill's rage last night is not that he was completely wrong, he's wrong all the time. it was that it came just two weeks after he seemed to be doing so well with his anger management. >> finally, the tip of the day. this morning i got angry. very angry. and i was justified. somebody did a bad thing to me. the worst part? i couldn't right the wrong. it drives me crazy. now, the politically correct thing would be to control the anger, to count to 10, to be calm. not what i did. i walked into a room, i closed the door, nobody was there and i let loose for about 30 seconds. very loud, very colorful language.
10:52 pm
you should have been there. dogs began to bark in the neighborhood. but you know what? i felt a lot better and i thought a lot clearer after that. factor tip of the day. vent your anger but be alone when you do it. yes, indeed. >> yes, indeed. vent your anger but be alone when you do it. okay. that's fine for bill 23 hours a day. but what about that one hour when he's doing his show? how is bill supposed to vent his anger when he's on his show and some liberal like alan combs is humiliating him by exposing bill's abject ignorance? >> it's jack what you're saying. there's another word for it but it's an obscenity. >> bill o'reilly still venting after all these years. >> i can't do it. we'll do it live. we'll do it live?
10:53 pm
[ bleep ] it! do it live. don't write it and we'll do it live! [ bleep ] thing sucks! >> in 5, 4, 3. >> that's tomorrow and that is it for us today. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks again for watching. we'll leave you with sting and a cut off his new album. take it away. few industries are changing more rapidly than healthcare. by earning your degree from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to advance your career while making a difference in the lives of patients. let's get started at otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand
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10:56 pm
i would be happy with the vote now. i've talked a lot today.
10:57 pm
but the only thing i would like is a clarification if the president or the attorney general will clarify that they're not employing to kill non-combatants in america. he essentially said that this morning. he could take his remarks that he agreed with senator cruz, put it into a coherent statement that says the drone program will not kill americans who are not involved in combat. i think he probably agrees to that. i don't understand why we couldn't put that into words, but if he does, i want no more time. but if not, i will continue to object if the administration and the attorney general will not provide an adequate answer. >> that was rand paul five hours into his stunt in the united states senate today. we are now 11 hours into rand paul delaying a vote to confirm john brennan as cia director. as you heard him say that the
10:58 pm
only reason, the only reason he is delaying this is he wants an answer to a question that was answered very clearly before rand paul began his stunt. >> let me be clear. translate my appropriate to be no. i thought i was saying no. no. >> because rand paul planned this stunt today, and because he had written an opening speech prepared for his stunt today, and because he needs this stunt for fundraising and for identifying himself as the president's big opponent, he decided to do it, anyway, even though the reason he claims he's out there delaying this confirmation no longer applies. even rand paul knows that what he's been doing is just a stunt. >> really, there is no ultimate ability of me to stop this nomination. i'm already getting tired, and i don't know how long i'll be able to do this.
10:59 pm
>> joining me now, msnbc's ari miller. air, you've been watching this all day. we know at the end of the day there will be a confirmation, and we know this statement has already been made by the administration. >> i think the problem for the administration is they were not very forthright about the drone program for a long time. that's why nbc news got ahold of the leaked memo regarding authority, and there are still big questions here. you're right, lauren, that rand paul said himself that eric holder's letter of testimony comes very close to holding out the use of drones on american soil. but they haven't issued anything to that effect, and i think it is good we are seeing this issue pushed more forcefully in the congress which has abdicated these oversights for some time. >> what you have here is this rambling madness out there with other republicans coming out to

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